November 10, 2022

Convert Lead in Salesforce

What is the lead conversion process?

Prospective customers who are interested in your company's products or services are known as leads. Leads can come from a variety of sources, such as web forms and websites. This lead information is stored in Salesforce's Leads object.

When customers express interest in purchasing services or products, you can qualify a lead by converting the lead record into an opportunity, Accounts, and Contacts.

If a lead is B2B, it will convert into an opportunity, accounts, and contacts. If a lead is B2C, it will convert into an opportunity and account.

How to Convert Lead in Salesforce

Salesforce provides an easy way to convert leads into opportunities, accounts, and contacts.

The steps below demonstrate how anyone can easily convert a lead.

Convert a Lead into Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts

Total Time: 5 minutes

Create a Lead Record

generate lead record

If you don't have any lead record then first create a Lead record
Go to the Leads tab
Click on New

Fill Out Details

Fill details for lead

Complete all required lead information and click Save.
Click on Save

Convert Lead

click on convert

Convert lead by clicking on Convert on the highlight panel.
In Salesforce lightning it can be found in top right.

Choose Account, Contact, and Opportunity

Edit details on lead conversion

Here you can create a new account, contact, and opportunity or you can search for existing
Select converted status.

Lead Converted

Lead conversion in Salesforce

Congratulations on successfully converting a lead!
This has created a new account, contact, and opportunity in salesforce.

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