October 27, 2022

How to create Lightning Page Tabs in Salesforce

Lightning Page Tabs

Lightning Page tabs enable you to include Lightning Pages in Lightning Experience and the Salesforce mobile app. To include a Lightning app page in the Salesforce mobile apps or in a Lightning app, you must first create a custom tab for it.

The first time a user activates an app page in the Lightning App Builder, a tab for the page is automatically created as part of the activation process. However, users can also manually create a tab for the page in Setup before activating it. Custom tabs can only be created for App Page types of Lightning pages.

How to Create Lightning Page Tabs

We are going to create a Lightning Page Tabs called Arrify Lightning Page

Total Time: 10 minutes

Go to setup

Tab in Salesforce

First, go to the setup -> Quick Search Lightning app builder

Click on New


Click on New in the Lightning Pages

Create a new Lightning App page

Screenshot from 2022 11 01 18 45 54

Set Label, click on Next

Choose Region

Screenshot from 2022 11 01 18 47 49

Select UI template as per your need.
Click on Finish

Add Component

Screenshot from 2022 11 01 19 01 04

Add any component (Here we added Dashboard, 'a Standard component')
Click on Save and click on Activate

Configure Lightning Page Settings

Screenshot from 2022 11 01 18 51 17

Add this page to the Lightning experience app
Add this page to the Mobile navigation menu
Click on Save

The lightning page is created, next we check tab for it.

Go to setup

Screenshot from 2022 11 01 18 56 21

Go to setup and search tab
In the Lightning page tabs section, you can see a tab Arrify Lightning Page created

Go to the home page

Screenshot from 2022 11 01 19 08 43

Go to the home page
Find the Arrify Lightning Page tab as a navigation item.

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