Overview of Salesforce Genie in 10 min

Before we understood Salesforce Genie, we need to understand the Unified profile and its significance.

What is a Unified Profile?

Unified profile - Salesforce Genie

The unified profile is one single source of truth that consists of data from various data sources and channels. It shows one clear picture of all interactions with the brand. Past service Interaction, Marketing engagements, and even their loyalty or lifetime value score. So that brand understands its customer better.

Why a Unified profile is important?

Here we can understand how a unified profile can help starting from Sales.

Sales person can use a unified profile to drive better-informed sales conversations and recommend the best product. i.e. Sales person can use engagement data (web browsing history, emails opened) to identify what conversation to have with the customer next.

Marketers can use this unified profile to send highly personalized recommendations across the web, email, ads, and more.

For commerce the unified profile data can help inform automatic, personalized experiences like tailoring, pricing, and promotions and recommending the "you might also like product" on real-time data.

And lastly, you can use this data in your analytics i.e. Tableau, to better understand what customers need and what to do to make customers delighted. Share this data across the team to provide a better understanding of future targets and efforts.

With the help of Salesforce Genie, all this is possible in real time. Realtime means accurate to milliseconds.

What is Genie in Salesforce?

Introduction to Salesforce Genie - Arrify

Salesforce Genie is the world's first platform that enables real-time customer magic. Genie can take all of your real-time customer data from various sources and connect it to create powerful customer insights.

Salesforce genie is the first real time platform for customer. It is collects and organizes the data that gets updated every millisecond and allowing you to provide services as they have never experienced before. Salesforce genie's aim that moving the data wherever it’s needed most and doing it fast.

It has built-in connectors by which it collects the data from every step of the customer journey, any source such as Salesforce apps, mobile, web, and connected devices in real-time and transfers into a unified customer graph. 

This real-time customer graph dynamically evolves as it brings in more data about your customers. This data can be activated across the entire Customer 360, so every company can create magical experiences that are personalized. Also, Genie’s real-time data enables more powerful automation with Flow and more intelligence with Einstein. Now the entire Customer 360 is automated, intelligent, and real-time which is helping every company to save costs, and time and grow revenue.

Use Cases of Genie in Salesforce

Secure real-time and quickly acted

Salesforce Genie provides brands with the capability to act in real-time by storing and continually updating customers' data. This allows for an immediate response to customer queries or needs, enabling teams to offer personalized products or services that are tailored to the customer's individual circumstances.

Connected with most of Salesforce cloud

This technology affords teams in sales, service, marketing, commerce, and beyond the capability to dynamically adjust the experiences they offer in response to the ever-changing needs of customers.

Increases productivity

Salesforce Genie provides businesses across all industries with the power to create intelligent and automated experiences in real time, allowing them to save costs and increase their return on investment. By leveraging connected data in real time, companies can maximize their efficiency and success.

How does Salesforce Genie work?

Salesforce Genie is an integral component of the Salesforce Platform, providing a streamlined approach to customer data integration from both internal and external sources. By leveraging this powerful tool, organizations can leverage customer data to create improved customer experiences.

Connecting data

This platform is capable of storing and sharing a large volume of data in real time with customers. For example, when a bank has a transactional data system, it can be connected to streaming data, legacy data, and external sources in real time. Consequently, when a mobile application is open, the data is readily accessible.

Integrate data

This platform assists in consolidating and storing customer data on an extensive scale, transforming it into an up-to-date, unified customer graph. To put it another way, it automatically amalgamates all data into a singular customer graph.

Engage your data to further use

Salesforce Genie facilitates a comprehensive view of customer profiles, allowing the combination of known and anonymous customer interactions, creating a single, cohesive profile.

Salesforce Genie leverages a lakehouse architecture to effectively store and manage a vast array of unstructured data. This approach enables faster data access and classification, providing businesses with the necessary tools to maximize their data efficiency.

Create a better experience

Salesforce Genie enables companies to interact with their customers more precisely, allowing each one to be treated as an individual rather than a mere transaction or a statistic.

Creating magical experiences for your customers in key moments when speed is essential.


What is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce genie is the first real time platform for customer. It is collects and organizes the data that gets updated every millisecond and allowing you to provide services as they have never experienced before. Salesforce genie's aim that moving the data wherever it’s needed most and doing it fast.

What is Salesforce CDP?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is an invaluable tool for any business that requires user-level data for its marketing efforts. This type of software usually includes a customer database, marketing automation, multichannel campaign management, and real-time interaction management. To fully understand the potential of a CDP, it is important to understand the different features that make it such a powerful asset.

What does it cost to use Salesforce Genie?

The cost of salesforce genie is not transparent. You have to talk with your account manager to find it's cost for you.
Cost depends on number of users, Edition of Salesforce and how do you want to use it.

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