Lightning object creator - The ultimate guide in 10 min

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Salesforce's Lightning Object Creator allows you to quickly and easily create custom objects from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Comma Separated Value (CSV) files. This powerful new tool was released on August 7th, 2019, and will streamline your workflow!

How Lightning object creator Works

Lightning Object Creator is a game-changer for admins who want to quickly create objects. The simple, three-step process is much more efficient than the traditional 10-step process of creating objects and can save hours of time. With this valuable tool, admins can easily create the objects they need in minutes, rather than hours.

How To create object from spreadsheet

The steps below demonstrate how anyone can easily create a custom object from spreadsheets along with Data.

We will be creating a Student Sports details object to store data about students who participate in sports.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Prepare Spreadsheet

insert object data inti csv

The first row in the spreadsheet represents the fields for the object.
The rows below represent data related to the object.

Open Setup

setup menu 1

First, Go to the home page
Click on the setup menu

Go to Object Manager

object manager

In object, manager click on create dropdown button (Top-Right)
Click on the custom object from Spreadsheet

Authenticate Salesforce org


Click on login with Salesforce
Authenticate to Salesforce org with username & password
Click on allow access

Upload Spreadsheet File

upload Spreadsheet

Upload Spreadsheet File.
Here you can select option according to your file type.

Configure object, field & Type

define object field

Configure object data
Click on next

Fill Out Object Properties

Object properties

Fill in the object properties
Click on finish
It takes some time to create an object and related fields.

Object created

Lightning Object Creator

Object created successfully

Verify Object is created

Serach object

Go to Home Page
Click on the app launcher (the nine dots in the upper left corner of your screen)
Search recently created object called student sports detail
Click and open

Check Object Fields and Data

created object records

Here we can see the newly created object and its records similar to CSV file

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