October 20, 2022

How to create Visualforce Tab in Salesforce

Visualforce Tabs

In salesforce, The Visualforce Tab is a user interface component that allows users to display and interact with Visualforce pages.

Custom tabs allow users to embed Visualforce pages into Visualforce Tabs so, Users can access Visualforce pages from within Salesforce. And It helps to display the data from the embedded Visualforce page to the users.

Visualforce Tabs are available in Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance,

 Unlimited, and Developer Editions.

How to Create Visualforce Tabs

We are going to create a Visualforce Tab named Site HomePage.
We already have a Visualforce page created for it.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Go to setup

Tab in Salesforce

First, go to the setup, and Search tabs

Click on New

Screenshot from 2022 11 01 16 07 25

Click on New in the Visualforce tabs section

Select Visualforce Page

select vfpage

Users can select the Visualforce page from the existing one
Choose tab style
Click Next

Choose the user profiles

add profile vfpage

Choose the user profiles for which the new custom tab will be available
Click Next

Choose the custom apps

add app to vfpage

Choose the custom apps for which the new custom tab will be available
Click Save

Tab Created

Screenshot from 2022 11 01 16 13 08

Visualforce Site HomePage Tab is created

Go to the home page

Visualforce Tab in salesforce

Go to the home page
Find the Site HomePage tab as a navigation item.

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